Virtual Courses on the Internet

There are a lot of virtual courses on a variety of topics, and even universities which specialize in virtual courses. Even many courses that require hands on activities such as physical education, or applied sciences, have been offered online. Many of these are low cost or free. The following is a list of virtual courses offered online, 

General Biology

Top 25 Colleges for Latinos

Hispanic Magazine creates a yearly rank for the best colleges and universities for Latino students. Included on this list are academic institutions that continue to successfully recruit and retain Hispanic students.

The Education Calendar - Days to Remember

Each year our calendars are filled with holidays and important dates, and it is important for us to know the historical and cultural backgrounds for each one. This calendar lists some of the significant dates as they will be observed in 2010 and links to important information about each one.

Determining Your Learning Style

Everyone learns differently. The way that one person learns is probably different from the person who is sitting next to them. There are multiple styles of learning and each of them presents its own benefits and challenges.

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Student

Good study tips and habits can make a tremendous difference in understanding academic subject matter, and improving test scores. Some students inherently understand these concepts, while others take a bit more time to adapt to these practices.

Should I Go To Grad School?

College can be a fun and exciting experience and graduating from college is a moment that many people dream about. While graduating from college is exciting, deciding what to do afterward can be difficult.

Grad School Advice For Undergraduate Students

If you have just finished your bachelor's degree, and you are thinking of pursuing additional education, you should think about going to a graduate school.

Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books

A list of authors and illustrators of children's books.