Should I Go To Grad School?

College can be a fun and exciting experience and graduating from college is a moment that many people dream about. While graduating from college is exciting, deciding what to do afterward can be difficult.

Should you use your undergraduate degree and start a career, or should you attend graduate school? College graduates have many options awaiting them and it is important to weigh all those options carefully before deciding what to do. Graduate school is always an option but can have it advantages and disadvantages depending on your career choice.

For anyone thinking about attending graduate school, it is important to know that studying at graduate school is quite a different experience from undergraduate study. During graduate school, your field of study will be less broad and will focus on more specific topics. There are two basic types of graduate degrees, doctorates and master's. Obtaining a master's degree generally requires between one and three years of study and oftentimes will require writing a thesis. Master's degrees are available in hundreds of different fields depending on your choice of study. Doctorate degrees are the highest degrees that can be obtained in colleges throughout America. Obtaining a doctorate degree requires far more study than obtaining a master's, and normally takes anywhere from three to seven years. There are four different types of doctoral degrees, with PhD's being the most well known. In order to obtain your PhD, you must write a dissertation which is normally hundreds of pages long. Which type of degree you wish to have depends largely in part on your career choice. The nice thing about graduate school is that you don't necessarily have to have a bachelor's degree in a particular field of study in order to obtain a master's degree in that field. Most colleges offer programs for incoming students with a degree in the field they are planning on studying and students who are looking to switch careers but have little knowledge of the field they are planning to study.

One of the biggest things that needs to be considered when thinking about graduate school is the cost. Attending graduate school can be very expensive and cost at the very least around twenty thousand dollars a year. While most people find that the cost of graduate school is worth it, it can be difficult to make ends meet while studying, so careful planning and budgeting is necessary for any grad school student.

While there are many factors that go into making the decision to attend graduate school, the choice is ultimately up to the individual, and each individual person will have a different situation and different factors to look at when making the decision to study at graduate school.

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